Botanical Image Databases

General - Many Plants Worldwide

Albion College Vascular Plant Image Gallery. A collection of vascular plant images used to support the botany courses. Has search capabilities.

An Array of Botanical Images. From the late James L. Reveal (formerly of the University of Maryland). Over 24,000 botanical images images, arranged alphabetically by genus.  Now hosted at Cornell University.

Anthos Project.  From the Real Jardín Botánico, Madrid.  Contains a vast amount of information of the flora of Spain, including photos, distribution maps, nomenclature, etc.

ATRIUM.  Biodiversity information system developed by the Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT).

Botanical Society of America Online Image Collection. Has photos grouped into a number of categories, including Plant Anatomy, Botany & Plant Science (many subcategories), People, Places & Events, and Plant Morphology. By Laurent Bray, this site has photo galleries as well as general botany topics such as cytology, stem and root anatomy, reproductive systems in angiosperms, biodiversity, classfication, and plant pictures and botanical drawings. Can be viewed in French or English.

BotIT - University of Wisconsin, Dept. Botany. Thousands of images arranged into four major categories: General Botany, Trees, Plant Diversity, and Tom Folk's Fungi Collection.

Digital Flowers. University of Illinois, Dept. Plant Biology (Plant Biology 260). This site has images of angiosperms useful for teaching plant taxonomy/systematics.

Flora of the World. Principal editors Christopher Davidson and Sharon Christoph. Their mission is to document with digital images all the flowering plant families in their native habitats.

Internet Directory for Botany. Site contains links to many websites with botanical photographs. Unfortunately, the site does not appear to be maintained (last update Nov. 2010). Despite this, there are still some useful and active links here.

Life Web Site. Maintained by Markku Savela. Arranged taxonomically, with interest in plants used as food by insects. Some plant taxa have images.

Noble Foundation Plant Image Gallery. Designed to assist botanists, ecologists, natural resource managers, educators and hobbyist with the identification of plants commonly found in the southern Great Plains.

PhytoImages.  The "sister node" to, this data base is mainted by Dan Nickrent at Southern Illinois University.  Over 100,000 images and growing!

PLANTS Database. From the USDA National Resources Conservation Service. Searchable Database with images, distribution maps, nomenclatural information, and more.  This site archives botanical illustrations and paintings from many literature sources. Can search for vernacular name or scientific name.

Plant Image Collection. US National Herbarium, Department of Botany, National Museum of Natural History. This library of over 15,000 photographic images of plant species and plant habitats is intended for public as well as professional use. Searchable, with "wish list" options.

Plant Image Gallery. Thomas Schoepke. The Plant Image Gallery contains about 5000 pictures of plants native to several parts of the world. Pictures of plants from Europe, Costa Rica and Galapagos Islands were taken during botanical field trips.

Plant Site.  Old Dominion University.  Thousands of photos by Lytton Musselman.  Searchable. Keys, cladograms and over 45,000 images of vascular plants. Software developed by Kevin Nixon and Jan De Laet.

Raintree Tropical Plant Database. Collection of Plant Images. Compiled by Leslie Taylor who is interested in herbal medicine.

Scott's Botanical Links. This page gives links to many sites with botanical photographs. The topics are haphazardly arranged and many links are broken, but still of some use.

Texas A&M Vascular Plant Image Gallery. Some of the photo content is hosted here, for others a link to the website hosting the photos is provided. Has search capabilities and good metadata associated with the photos. The taxonomy of some groups is out of date.

Tropicos. Missouri Botanical Garden. Images indexed with taxonomic data on plants from all over the world.

Wildflower Photography by Tom Kornack. Photos from Greece, Iceland, North America, South America, the European Alps, The Himalayas, and elsewhere.

Wildside’s Searchable Album by W. K. Fletcher & D. M. Baylis. Searchable, containing many images of plants, animals, geological subjects, etc., mainly from Malaysia, Indonesia, Chile, and Canada.


Regional and Geographically-based Collections


Fernkloof Nature Reserve.  FNR covers 1800 ha in the Kleinrivier Mountains above Hermanus and ranges in altitude from sea level to 842 m. In late 1957, the Reserve was proclaimed by the Provincial Council of the Cape. It protects coastal and fynbos and a small patch of evergreen forest. 1474 species have been recorded from this Reserve.

Flora of Zimbabwe. A joint venture between Bart Wursten of Ndundu Lodge in the Vumba and Mark Hyde. Database contains information and photos of over 1000 species.

An illustrated checklist of the flora of Ngel Nyaki Forest Reserve. Part of the Nigerian Montane Forest Project. Compiled and curated by Matt Walters, University of Canterbury, New Zealand. A site for information about plants native to southern Africa and related topics.

Plant Web. South African plant photographs.

Plants of Africa. Mt. Kenya Rain Forest. By Richard W. Spjut.

West African Plants - A Photo Guide.  This interactive photographic guide helps with the identification of vascular plants from West Africa. One can browse a taxonomic hierarchy or search according to morphological characters. By Brunken, U., Schmidt, M., Dressler, S., Janssen, T., Thiombiano, and A. & Zizka,


Annotated Checklist of the Flowering Plants of Nepal.
Biological Diversity Clearing House Mechanism. Malaysian Flora and Fauna. A bit difficult to navigate, but it does have a search engine to find particular plant photos. Limited metadata associated with each photo.
Borneo Tree Images.  Line art.  A number of links broken.

Botanical Garden Organization Plant Database. From Thailand. In both Thai and English.
BOTIK. Purpose is to aid in identifying trees species in two hotspots of biodiversity: the rain forests in the Western Ghats of India and in the northern Annamite Mountain range of Lao PDR.

Flowers of India.  In index page is very busy but does allow one to browse by botanical name. Photos are also grouped according to categories such as Flowering Trees, Orchids, Grasses, Medicinal Plants, Cacti/Succulents, Garden Flowers, etc.
. Chinese and some English. A forum with some photos.

Hokkaido Medical University with associated Botanical Garden. Can search list of scientific names.

Magnificent Transbaikalia. Biodiversity of this region in Siberia in Pictures. Project by Oleg Korsun.

Information Search System on fauna and flora in Russian nature preserves.  In Russian. Animals, fungi, plants (choose “PaCTeHNR” where the last two letters are reversed). Can then browse plant families arranged lefthand frame. Use the numbers to advance to higher groups.  Shows paintings of the organisms and maps. Produced by Russian Academy of Sciences, A. N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution (home page HERE).

Plant Observatory. Nature Love You. From Singapore.

Plant Photo Bank China

Plants of Southeast Asia. This website offers an overview of Southeast Asia's diverse plant life. Currenlty more than a 1000 species have been included. Includes photos of herbarium specimens as well as living plants.

Unique Chinese Flora Chinese Academy of Science botanical research Institute, Chinese Plant Database.  Distribution maps and pollen images as well as line art.  In Chinese, but Google translation of the page helps navigation.  In Chinese, but can select English for searching.

Yamasaki Lab Plant Photo Gallery.


Australian Plant Image Index. Australian National Herbarium and Botanical Gardens.

Australian Tropical Rainforest Plants

North Queensland Plants. By Roger Fryer and Jill Newland. Includes Australian parasitic, carnivorous, and ant plants as well as mangroves and others. Searchable.


A Digital Flora of Newfoundland and Labrador Vascular Plants

Andy's Northern Ontario Wildflowers

Colin's Virtual Herbarium. Colin Ladyka, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Flowering plants (excluding grasses) found on the Canadian Prairies, with particular emphasis on those found in Saskatchewan.

Plants of the North. Boundary Water region around Ontario and Minnesota.


Anthos Project.  From the Real Jardín Botánico, Madrid.  Contains a vast amount of information of the flora of Spain, including photos, distribution maps, nomenclature, etc.

Belles Fleurs de France.  By Erick Dronnet.

Den virtuella floran (virtual flora of Sweden)

Digital Nature.  In German.  Photos of trees (Bäume) and plants (Pflanzenwelt). By Jörg Riedel.

Flora of Europe - A Photographic Herbarium.

Flora Italiana. Complete with photos, maps, common names, etc. Very nice.

Flowers Digital Herbarium.  From the Czech Republic.

Malta Wild Plants.  By Stephen Mifsud.

Mundani Botanical Garden.  Located on the island of Majorca.

A Photo Flora of the Devon and Cornwall Peninsula.  Images mostly from the Plymouth Area (UK), with some from habitats in both East and North Devon and South-East Cornwall. The region has an incredibly wide range of habitats including estuary and saltmarsh, rocky shores, dunes, wetland, moorland, bogs, lakes and ponds, woodland and wasteland.  Over 6000 photos of plants from Germany and the Alps. In German.  Can sort by family, alphabetical, and region. Searchable.

A Tenerife Photo-Essay.  Photo-essay and botanical and local information about plants of the Canary Islands.

West Highland Flora, from Ile of Skye in the UK Very nice photography and useful information about the plants.   Website by Carl Farmer.


Wildside’s Searchable Album by W. K. Fletcher & D. M. Baylis. Searchable, containing many images of plants, animals, geological subjects, etc. from mainly Malaysia, Indonesia, Chile, and Canada.

Middle East

Bible Plants.  From Old Dominion University. By L. J. Musselman.

Flora of Saudi Arabia.  Many lists of species but relatively few photographs.

Flowers in Israel. In addition to photo galleries the site offers a botanical term glossary, flowering times, protected plants, plants of the bible, and more.

New Zealand and New Caledonia

Endemia.  Contain plant and animal distribution maps, photos, biome information and more for this remarkable island.  Fantastique!

New Zealand Arbicultural Association. Contains a link to New Zealand Native Trees.

New Zealand Plant Conservation Network. Can search for many plant images, including those that are threatened and endangered.

South America, Central America, Caribbean, Mexico

Andean Botanical Information System.  A sampling of the vascular plants of Northern Peru and Coastal Peru and Chile.  Click on "Plant Families" to get an alphabetical list.

Andean Plants.  Pages are components of the web site maintained by Dr. Lada Malek (Lakehead University,  Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada).

Baja California, The Flora of.  Sponsored by the San Diego Natural History Museum. Over 1500 species and 15,000 photographs. Accessible via several languages. Also sells seeds of Chilean plants. By Michail Belov.

Digital Flora of La Selva La Selva florula digital (Costa Rica). Principal investigators Luis Diego Gómez & Donald E. Stone. In Spanish.

Ethnobotany and Floristics of Belize.  New York Botanical Garden.

Flora Digital RS. Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. In Portuguese.

Flora Ilustrada del Páramo de Chingaza. A high elevation flora in Colombia.

Flora of Ecuador. By Morley Read.

Flora of Kaxil Kiuic. Documents the biodiversity of the Helen Moyers Biocultural Reserve, Yucatan, Mexico.

Neotropical Live Plant Photos. Environmental and Conservation Programs, Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, IL, USA. Excellent search engine.

Neotropical Plants Image Database. An identification tool for the plants of Latin America. From Kew in the UK.

Projecto Flora SBS. Flora de Sao Bento do Sul - Santa Catarina.

United States - Midwest

Bioimages. Illustrated key to the common trees of middle Tennessee.

Illinois Plants: Wild Plants of the Prairie State. Hosted by the Illinois Natural History Survey. Information on all plants, native and introducted to Illinois with distribution maps and links to photos. 

Kansas Wildflowers and Grasses.

Minnesota Wildflowers. Unfortunately cluttered with advertising and pop-ups, but some nice photos nonetheless.  Produced by Dan Tenaglia, this site has digital photo and natural history blurbs about many plants found in Missouri. The arrangement is by flower color or by an alphabetical list by genus and species.

Missouri Wildflower Guide

Tennessee Wildflowers. BlueShoe Nashville Travel Guide.

VPlants. A Virtual Herbarium of the Chicago Region. Includes vascular plants and fungi. Data for 80,000 plant specimens with photos of herbarium specimens and living plants.

Wisflora: Wisconsin Vascular Plant Species. From the Wisconsin State Hervarium, Madison and partners.

United States - South

Alabama Plants.  The goal is to eventually show all plants native to Alabama.  Alphabetical plant lists as well as by flower color, sedges and rushes, and grasses. Site constructed and maintained by Dan Tenaglia.

Alabama Plant Atlas. A joint effort by the Alabama Herbarium Consortium (AHC) and The University of West Alabama to provide users with a comprehensive searchable database of plants that occur in the state of Alabama.

Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants. University of South Florida, Institute for Systematic Botany. Managed by Richard Wunderlin and Bruce Hansen.

Carolina Nature.  North Carolina Plant Photos. Not comprehensive but some good photos of a select number of species.

Fairchild Tropical Garden Botanical Resource Center and Virtual Herbarium. Includes photos of palms, cycads and other cultivated tropical plants from Florida.

South Carolina Plant Atlas. John Nelson, Curator A. C. Moore Herbarium, Department of Biological Sciences, University of South Carolina.

Stinger's Photo Page.  By Dr. Gerald F.Guala (a.k.a. Stinger) and hosted by the Louisiana State University Herbarium, this list of plants is arranged by family.

Wildflowers of Alabama

United States - East

Delaware Wildflowers. David G. Smith.

Go Botany. From the New England Wildflower Society. A rich source of botanical information. Has keys and a search engine which takes you to species pages richly illustrated with photographs.

Old Dominion University Plant Site. Developed by Lytton Musselman. Many themes, including Parasitic Plants, Plants of the Great Dismal Swamp, Flora of Jordan, etc.

Southern Appalachian Wildflowers.  By Rich Stevenson.

Trees, Shrubs and Woody Vines of North Carolina. Photos and text by Will Cook.

United States - West

Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture.  The University of Washington Herbarium (WTU) maintains a comprehensive online collection of photographs and information for the plants and lichens of Washington.

The CalFlora Database. Several hundred thousand images of California plants. Searchable database.

Idaho Mountain Wildflowers

Image Archive for Central Texas Plants.  Administered by Katie Hansen as a part of the course website for  BIO 406D (Native Plants of Central Texas),

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. Has a searchable database under "Explore Plants, Native Plants database".

Oregon Flora Project. Dept. Botany & Plant Pathology, Oregon State University. Photo gallery with a powerful search engine for field photos and herbarium specimens. Fantastic!

San Diego Wildflowers. By Kenneth L. Bowles. Pages load slowly with Mac Safari. 

San Diego County Plant Atlas Project.  Sponsored by the San Diego Natural History Museum, Botany Department.  Curated by Jon Rebman and Jeannie Gregory. Searches for herbarium specimens (synoptic collections) and living plant photos can be made.

University of Texas at Austin Plant Resource Center. Has Flora of Texas Database, Wildflowers of Texas, Field Studies and more.

Weeds and Wildflowers.  These plants from Utah in alphabetical lists and by habitat type.

Wildflowers, Ferns and Trees of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah. Al and Betty Schneider.

Wildflowers and Other Plants of Southern California.  Photos by Michael L. Charters.

Wildflowers in Bloom. From Texas A&M University.

Wildflowers: A Closer Look. By Reny Parker. Photos of plants from Alaska, British Columbia, California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon,, Texas and Vermont.

Wildflowers of the Rocky Mountains. By Ray Rassmussen.

Southeastern Arizona Wildflowers and Plants .  T. Beth Kinsey. Currently over 400 species represented.

United States - Hawaii

Vascular Plant Family Access. University of Hawaii. Gerald Carr.

Plants of Hawaii.  Another access point to beautiful photos of Hawaiian plants by Gerald Carr. Arranged by scientific name and family.

Plants by Taxonomic Group


Southeast Asia Begonia Database. Begonia contains nearly 1500 species with many more yet to be described. Around 150 species occur in Africa, with the remaining species being split almost equally between the American and Asian tropics. This site has search capabilities.


Bromeliad Society International. Go to the “Genera Gallery” to see names and photos of bromeliads.


Cactus and Succulent Page by Clark Brunt.  Photos from Mexico, Chile, and Peru.


Cycad Photo Gallery. Over 700 photographs in the gallery. Jungle Music Palms and Cycads, Phil Bergman.

The Cycad Society. With a photo gallery.

PACSOA Palm and Cycad Societies of Australia.


Taiwanese pterophytes and gymnosperms. Picasa albums by Ralf Knapp.

Philippine pterophytes and lycophytes. Picasa albums by Julie Barcelona.

Fungi. Not really plants, but ... :)

Fungi Images on the Net. Direct access to over 1600 fungal images!

Gingers of Malaysia

Wild Gingers of Malaysia


Gentian Research Network.  Rutgers University and Cook College.


The Gesneriad Reference Web.


Texas Grasses. S. M. Tracy Herbarium, Texas A & M University.

Manual of Grasses for North America. Part of the Flora North America Project. Treatments by Mary Barkworth and others (Intermountain Herbarium, Utah State University). No photos but lots of line drawings.


The Gymnosperm Database. A wealth of information here on conifers, cycads, etc.

The Gymnosperms of Australia and New Zealand.


Hosta Photo Library. Also has horticulatural information on these plants.


Malvaceae Info. This web site provides information, both botanical and horticultural, on the angiosperm family Malvaceae sensu APG (which includes the traditional Bombacaceae and much of the traditional Sterculiaceae (± Byttneriaceae) and Tiliaceae), together with a little material on related families in the order Malvales and of general botanical content.


Melastomataceae of the World. Site developed and maintained by Darin S. Penneys at the University of Florida. Contains images, literature, phylogenetics and descriptions of the plants as well as information on cultivation and invasive species. Very nicely done!


CalypsoLip in Japan.

Internet Orchid Photo Encyclopedia

Malesia Orchid genera Illustrated

Papua New Guinea Orchid News

The Orchid Photo Page.

Wild Orchids of Alberta, Canada. See also Ray's Web Pages for more.

World Flowers.  This site, run by Dr. K.Saito, is in Japanese, but can be readily navigated.  Contains mainly orchid photographs plus some other plants.

Pachypodium  Quite simply, photos of 26 species of this Apocynaceae genus from Madagascar.  Mabberley indicates 13 species for the genus.


Palm Trees Photo Gallery.  Phil Bergman's Jungle Music.

PACSOA Palm and Cycad Societies of Australia.


From Missouri Botanical Garden

Passiflora online


CyberSedge. Texas A&M University. Line art, not photographs.

Plants by Specialty Group

Alpine Plants

North American Alpine Plant Database.  Pages are components of the web site maintained by Dr. Lada Malek (Lakehead University,  Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada).

Carnivorous Plants

International Carnivorous Plant Society. See also the ICPS Web Ring that lists a number of other sites with images of carnivorous plants.

Galleria Carnivora. A museum of colour photographs of carnivorous plants.

Crop and Horticultural Plants

Mark's Fruit Crops. Mark Rieger, University of Georgia, has assembled a nice collection of photographs of fruit crops. Web page designed by Mallorn Computing. 2500 images of horticulturally important plants.

HortiPlex. Contains plant images and data as well as links to information sources, images and vendors at other sites. Searchable.

University of Connecticut. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Conservatory. Searchable database of plants in cultivation here.

Useful Plants Database (Nutzpflanzen Datenbank, in German, searchable).  Stephan Imhof, Marburg University, Germany.


Dendrological Plant Image Gallery. By Gerd Seehawer.


Euphorbiaceae of Malesia

Euphorbiaceae from Thailand


Forestry Images. Provides an accessible and easily used archive of high quality images related to forest health and silviculture.

Parasitic Plants

The Parasitic Plant Connection. Southern Illinois University, Dan Nickrent. Thousands of images of parasitic plants worldwide. Links to other websites on parasitic plants found here.

Poisonous Plants

Cornell University Poisonous Plants Informational Database. Includes images and much more.

Poisonous Plant Guide.  Information and photographs of these plants in the home, garden, etc.

Economic Plants on the Southern Illinois University Plant Biology Greenhouse web page. Page lists poisonous houseplants and poisonous Midwestern US plants.  Includes a link to a downloadable Excel file with lots of information. Compiled by Dan Nickrent.


Caudiciform Plants. These are succulents in several families.

DesertUSA. Covers cacti, grasses, shrubs, trees, and wildflowers. Beware - the site is plastered with pop-ups and advertising. Leafy succulents and cacti. Can select one of several languages. Port to many photos and cultivation information.

Stapeliads: Orchids of the Succulent World.