Plant Checklist for the Rocky Mountain National Park

Habitat Photos

Although I have archived thousands of photos of plants (and other organisms) on the PhytoImages website, I have not done the same with the habitats where those plants grow.  This is partly because the DOL software that underpins PhytoImages is designed for biological organisms (e.g. scientific names, families, orders, etc.). It does not include a systematic categorization of habitat types. This is something we (the users and developers) have discussed adding but this is not yet implemented.

In lieu of the above, I wish to present some photos of habitats I have encountered in the Rocky Mountain National Park. These are important because they help place the individual plant photos in the proper context. With global climate change, habitats are rapidly being transformed. Thus these photos serve as historical records of that habitat as seen at one moment in time.

Beaver Meadows

Bear Lake

Nymph Lake

Bierstadt Lake

Glacier Creek near Bierstadt Lake

Poudre Lake

Gem Lake

Alpine area along Trail Ridge Road

Lava Cliffs from Alpine Ridge Road

View from McGraw Ranch